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Instructor Resources

CCCB Classroom There are many resources available to help you prepare to teach in the CCCB.

Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT)

CRLT offers a variety of programs and services to support instructors as they prepare to take full advantage of the teaching and learning opportunities made possible by the CCCB. Visit the CRLT website for resources (from active learning overviews to the specific considerations involved in flipping a class or implementing group or team-based learning), to schedule a course planning or midterm student feedback consultation, or attend an upcoming program. CCCB Classroom

LSA Technology Services (for LSA and non-LSA faculty)

LSA Technology Services will provide CCCB classroom and AV equipment training sessions and support to all instructors assigned to a CCCB classroom, whether from LSA or another unit. They also offer a number of learning and teaching resources, seminars, tips and strategies on their website. For LSA faculty, LSA Technology Services also provides course development and other learning and teaching consulting services. For more information, visit the LSA Technology Services Learning & Teaching Consulting website.

CCCB Classroom and AV Equipment Training

Due to the complexity of technologies in CCCB classrooms rooms, all faculty new to the CCCB are encouraged to schedule training before the start of their first semester in a classroom. Faculty teaching in the CCCB classroom in the round, auditorium, or one of the team based learning classrooms will want to schedule practice sessions, as well as training sessions, before classes start.

To request a training session:

  • Visit the LSA Technology Services Classroom Support & Training web page.” (Note: LSA Technology Services is supporting all CCCB classrooms on behalf of the Provost’s Office.)
  • In the Classroom & Equipment Training section, click the Request Classroom Training link.
  • Complete the online form.
Questions about CCCB technologies? Problems in classrooms? Call 734-615-0100 or email [email protected].